Dated Valance Gets Makeover in Glen Ellyn IL – A Fairy Tale Ending

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“I have a valance that needs to be updated” was what this client in Glen Ellyn, Il said when she called us. The window coverings were the last step in a project that included new paint and crown molding in their new home. This valance had once been perfect. Although, it takes a long time for the right custom drapery or top treatment to go out of style or become dated, they do and this one had.

It was once the perfect addition to the living room, but the other updates in the home simply made it look old and out of place. To my client’s surprise, she learned that her husband liked the existing valance even less than she did, and he was also ready for a change.

Mixing Window Treatments In The Home

Often clients find us through social media. Consumer’s count on the experiences of others to determine which companies they should invite in their home. This was the case when a young couple in a new custom home in Hinsdale, IL gave us a call. Having clearly done their research, this couple had an idea of what they wanted in terms of product and look. It was important to not have anything that looked cheap, but also not to go crazy with purchasing the most expensive window coverings for every window in the home. This is an outstanding approach for a client-provider relationship. We will work with you to determine what look works for your home and then which product will get you in your price range.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments


Luminette® Privacy Sheers and Silhouette® Window Shadings

Our suggestions for this young couple were based on getting the most glamorous look and impact when you first enter the home – an open floor plan in front of a complete wall of windows. We selected vertical Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers and their horizontal companion Silhouette® Window Shadings across the entire back of the home. It is gorgeous!

5 Tips For Keeping Your House Cool Without Cranking The A/C

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons for most of us, but the constant heat can tend to get oppressive during the long days and balmy nights. Keeping cool and staying comfortable is important, but cranking up the A/C isn’t always ideal. Using A/C more often naturally means higher energy costs. But that doesn’t mean that the only way to keep your house cool is by turning on the air. Instead, there are other, more affordable ways to keep your house at an agreeable temperature that will still allow you to enjoy the summer without sweating and sticking to clothes, sheets, and furniture.

Custom Window Coverings for Skylight Windows


applause_ultraglide_kitchen_1You’ve got a home with skylights. They are dramatic, they are beautiful, and the light is amazing; you envision yourself in bed looking at blue skies and bright stars. Skylights may even be why you fell in love with your home. Perhaps you even added them.

While you can reduce the amount of electricity you use lighting rooms with skylights, you may spend a lot more cooling these rooms in summer.