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Top Treatments Near Oak Brook, IL

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Let Your Imagination Go Wild When Selecting a Top Treatment

By definition, top treatments treat the top of your window. In the world of custom drapery and décor, they can do so much more. Cornices, soft valances, swags, and other top treatments can completely define and enhance your room. You can get them in any color, any fabric, any trim, and any length.

With clever design, a top treatment can be mounted in such a way to make a window look much larger or taller than it actually is. They don’t have to match your drapery; they can complement it, or even go in a different direction to make a bold statement

Types of Top Treatments for Windows

The main three top treatments:

An almost architectural element that caps your window much like a cornice on a building adds the finishing touch to a beautiful, well-proportioned design.


Completes the window by artfully draped fabric in patterns of folds that range from simple to ornate.

Soft Valances

Valances combine the best of cornices and swags, with the squared-off dignity of the cornice but in the softness of fabric.

And even if you decide window coverings are not the answer because you don’t want to obstruct the view, top treatments are an excellent choice for dressing up and adding an element of design to any room. So whether your windows are covered with fine drapery or left open to a beautiful vista, please consider a top treatment to complete your room.

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