Measuring & Installation

They say measuring isn’t rocket science, and they are right. If you are mounting your window covering on the inside of your frame, you need to measure it three times horizontally to the nearest .125 of an inch and three times vertically to the nearest .125 of an inch. You then should use 
the smallest of one measurement and the largest of another.
We did say inside…so that also means you need to be sure if the window covering you selected will fit flush, recessed, or stick out, which sometimes requires a valance.

Window Coverings Are Custom-Made


Window Treatments are expensive, and there are no do-overs. If you measure and order wrong, it can be a costly mistake.


]So yes, you can absolutely learn a few rules to measuring window coverings and measure your window. However, we recommend our trustworthy pros who have years of experience in measuring our client’s windows. This way your perfect fit is guaranteed, and the measurements are taken with your exact product in mind.


Installation Warranty


If anything goes wrong within one year, we come out and fix it for no additional charge. After the year, the product warranties are still covered, and we act as the liaison between the manufacture and you. There would then be a service fee for the labor involved for the installer to come to your home and remove and re-install the blind.


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