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Can You Put Blackout Shades Behind Blinds?

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Many homeowners ask, “Can you put blackout shades behind blinds?” You can use room darkening shades to enjoy flexible light control and sleep better at night. After learning how to make blackout shades and blinds work together, contact Beyond Shades, your trusted window shades provider in the Chicagoland area, to explore your options.

What Are Blackout Shades?

can you put blackout shades behind blinds
Blackout shades make a room darker but usually have some gaps that let a little light in. Property owners often favor blackout shades over room-darkening ones, as they stop more light. You can experience less expensive energy bills, decrease noise levels, and create a relaxing environment for sleeping or working.  Some key considerations for blackout shades are:
  • You’ll need to replace batteries frequently for mechanical operation due to the heavy material.
  • Blackout shades specifically for skylights are available for preventing light from interrupting sleep.
  • They’re intended more for customizing the amount of incoming light in your property than offering privacy from the outside world.

A cellular shade with thick material prevents light from penetrating. However, adding curtains and blinds will keep the greatest amount of light out and improve your window’s appearance. Finding the right ones depends on your window size, budget, style preference, and more.

Adding Blinds to Blackout Shades

Can you put blackout shades behind blinds? Using blinds and blackout shades together can create excellent light control, as the shades alone can offer a plain and non-aesthetic look. You can add wood blinds for visual interest and beauty and to customize the amount of light that comes into your space.

You can choose from inside-mounted blinds or outside ones if you’d like to cover as much of the window as possible. You should keep your blinds closed while you sleep to block light and experience the most comfortable conditions. Valances and curtains are the perfect window treatments and finishing touches for your windows.

Maintaining Blinds with Blackout Shades

can you put blackout shades behind blinds

Before using blinds and blackout shades together, it’s essential to know the maintenance they require. While both products together are phenomenal at blocking light, they require periodic dusting. Remember to keep children and pets away from cords to avoid injuries or tangles.

Blackout shades often cost more than other options because they typically are thicker but do one of the best jobs at controlling light. Working with a window professional can ensure your blinds and blackout shades are the appropriate size for windows, especially if you’re uncomfortable with installing them on your own. The process is slightly more difficult if your window sizes aren’t standard or were custom-made for your property.

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Rachel Gregersen

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