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Creative Curtain Tie-Back Ideas to Add Style to Your Windows

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As with other curtains, tie-backs are long and loose when they’re blocking light, but they’re tied back in the middle when you don’t need to block it. You can tie them back with fabric, a horseshoe holder, or corded ribbon, so it’s entirely up to you how you tie them back. The tie-backs you choose will add a lot of interest and style to your curtains besides being functional. You have no limits as to what you can use for your tie-backs to match your room decor and style of curtains.

Adding Elegance and Charm to Your Curtains Using Fabric Ribbon

Selecting fabric ribbons for your tie-backs gives you a huge amount of different options in the fabric, texture, colors, and patterns from which to choose.

In addition to being durable and flexible, grosgrain ribbon tie-backs are also crisp due to their characteristic crosswise ribs. Whether it’s a single-sided ribbon, which is shiny on one side and dull on the other, or a double-sided ribbon, which is shiny on both sides, satin ribbons have a smooth and shiny finish. A velvet ribbon has a tight weave, a low cut pile surface on the velvety side, and a plain underside. They require special care not to become flat and shiny.

Creative Curtain Tie-Back

To make tie-backs out of ribbon, you can use any command hook you like. Stick the command hook beside your curtain. If you’re using a ribbon, tie loops on both ends. Hang one loop on your hook, wrap it around your curtain, and hook the other loop on top of the first one.

Choose grosgrain for a more informal appearance, satin for a semiformal curtain, or velvet for the most formal appearance. If your curtains have a pattern in them, choose a solid color that appears in the pattern. If your curtains are a solid color, choose a pattern that echoes the solid color.

Adding Texture and Personality to Curtain Tie Backs with Tassels or Fringes

Tassels and fringes are very decorative curtain tie backs that add tactile elements to your curtains or drapes. Tassel tie backs are available in many different sizes and shapes, not to mention colors. You can find tassels with multiple shades of color in them as well, and the tassels can be placed closer together or farther apart. Tassels have strands of strings that are bound together at the top and hang loosely at the bottom where they flare out. Tassels can be made of many types of strings, such as cotton, silk or even beaded tassels with the beads serving as the gathering material at the top.

Creative Curtain Tie-Back

Fringe is bound at the top and is a solid piece of strands of strings all along the length of them that are not gathered but hang loosely. Fringe is available in many different lengths for your fringe tie backs.

Tassels or fringe, as curtain accessories, can add visual interest and volume as well as texture to your window treatments with a touch of elegance when used as tie backs for your curtains. Choose tassels that are spaced closely together or fringe for more informal home decor such as Bohemian, coastal or farmhouse decor. For a more elegant, traditional or minimalist style, choose tassels that are spaced farther apart or a cord with only one tassel on each end.

Making a Statement with Eye-Catching Hardware with Metal or Rope Hooks

Creative Curtain Tie-Back ideas

You can instead decide to use metal hooks with rope tie backs for your curtain tie backs or curtain holders. Decorative curtain tie back hooks are available in many different sizes, shapes and finishes to match to your drapery rod and other elements in the room to pull it all together. They normally have screws with them to attach them to the wall between halfway up the length of the curtains to one third up the length. You simply screw them into the wall and make sure that they are level.

Braided ropes are available in many thicknesses and colors as well. You can choose from metal spring rope, magnetic crystal tie backs or just about any material you can think of. Rope tie backs may be very rustic and look like twine as rustic tie backs for informal decor, or they may be very thick in ornate colors for more formal interiors. This allows you to use rope tie backs to blend in with the curtains, or you can create a striking contrast if you desire.

Bohemian-Inspired Curtain Tie Backs Using Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé tie backs are a great idea using wall hangings for your Bohemian and eclectic interior styles. The intricate patterns made of different knots and textures are an eye-catching element for your vintage tie backs and knotted tie backs.

Macramé tie backs are usually made of jute, and they may appear as a rope with a curling pattern in them made of the spiral knot or half square knot. These are often seen on macramé plant hangers for the long pieces from the intricate top work to the bottom to hold the pot. You can make your own macramé tie backs, or you can choose a ready-made version to use. For a ready-made version, wrap tape around the sections you want to cut off and cut through the strands. Then hold them tightly together and remove the tape to heat seal them.

You can choose to leave them plain with only a curling type rope appearance or use a macramé hanging with an intricate pattern of perhaps a leaf or flower, so it will hang off the tie back for an over the top appearance.

For an eclectic interior design, choose a bright color to match another color in your room. It looks best for Bohemian rooms to use a neutral color such as tan.

Creative and Unique Curtain Tie Back Ideas With Upcycled Objects

Your curtain tie back styles don’t have to cost you one penny when you upcycle items for them and make your own personalized creation of modern tie backs. You can use items that you have around the house, or you can use items with great sentimental value for your own special twist to make DIY curtain tie backs.

Consider using a man’s necktie and wrap it around the curtain panel, then tie it in a Windsor knot. You can use a chain of any sort with a snap clip on the ends to fasten it to a hook on the wall. Women’s cuff bracelets can be squeezed around the curtain panel to hold them back from the window. Other upcycled items to consider include a length of leather cord, a belt, necklaces, or a length of sheer fabric for sheer tie backs. These items don’t need to be attached to a hook, but can be simply tied around the curtain panels.

Curtain Tie Back Ideas

Unleash Your Creativity

The sky’s the limit when it comes to curtain tie back ideas. You are not limited to only items you can buy, but you can create any look you desire. You do need to make certain that your tie backs are functional and aesthetically pleasing while matching the decor in your room. Use your imagination and choose items such as fabric ribbon, tassels and fringes, metal rope and hooks, macramé items and any upcycled item that you have. Creating your own tie backs provides an opportunity to enhance the overall look and feel of a room to add elegance, texture and charm.

To take your window treatments to the next level, consider exploring custom drapes with Beyond Shades. Our experts specialize in creating tailor-made drapery solutions that beautifully align with your unique style and room specifications. By scheduling an appointment with Beyond Shades, you can receive personalized guidance and access a wide range of fabric choices, patterns, and design options.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate the overall look and feel of your room through custom drapes and imaginative curtain tie back creations. Let these ideas be your guiding principles as you infuse your space with your personal touch. With a combination of creativity, quality materials, and expert advice, your windows will become stunning focal points that transform your room into a haven of style and sophistication.

Rachel Gregersen
Rachel Gregersen

Owner of Beyond Shades and also an accomplished designer with 25+ years of experience specializing in interiors, architecture, and window fashions, dedicated to meeting clients' unique needs.

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