Window Headers for a Unique Look

With drapery all your decorating ideas are possible. We offer a wide range of fabrics, trims, and linings.  You have thousands of fabric patterns to choose from and a variety of header options available for your new window treatment look. Your options are endless!

No matter how unique the color of your walls, your floor, or your furniture, there is a fabric and specialized appearance for your windows that would complete your room perfectly. Choose from the possibility of over 12 different window header options to fully enhance your design.

Pole/Rod Pocket

A pocket is sewn across the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted. A variation to the simple rod pocket style is rod pocket with a two inch ‘header’ on top.

This curtain provides a versatile look for curtain poles.  The style is best used for decorative drapes that are not shut often.

Back Tabs Top

Loops of fabric material are sewn at the back on top of the curtain at regular intervals. The curtains hang from these tabs hidden on the back by feeding the rod through the loops. Decorative rods and hardware can enhance these curtain designs.

Back Tab Top is suitable for curtain poles only and are for relaxed, laid back environments for a modern heading style.

Double Pinch Pleat

Pleats are created by making folded creases in the stiff buckram and pinched together one or two inches from the top of the drape, like a V shape, that then flow down in a tailored fashion. Hooks are then inserted directly into the back of the heading.

The pinch pleat top is full and elegant, creating a formal tailored look. Suitable for both curtain tracks and poles for added style to your window and room.

Flat Panel Top

Flat panle headings can be hung with drapery pins and rings or with curtain clips and hooks. These are the most simplistic design with panels hemmed on all four sides with heading tape sewn on top in the back.

Design is suitable for both curtain tracks and poles for a minimalist modern decor. Ideal for apartments and smaller homes.


This style is a great minimalist look suitable for all fabrics. Grommet curtains have even number of eyelets consistently spaced acrosee the width of the curtains. The grommets slide straight across the width, and hang in wide, loose folds for a neat, crisp look.

Inverted Pleats

These curtains have a single pleat back, placed at even intervals along the top. The fabric is folded into pleats on the front and on the back, creating flat, boxy folds. Each pleat is sewn by hand to meet a fixed width, fitted with hooks that cannot be loosened.

Inverted pleats are suitable for both curtain tracks and poles.

Pencil Pleats

Each curtain has small folds at the top that are gathered closely together to resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. They are created by pulling the cords on the heading tape and winding them around a cord tidy to keep the pleats in place.

The design is both popular and classic for casual and relaxed environments. This curtain is suitable for both curtain track and poles.

Goblet Pleats

Goblet pinch pleat drapes have a strip of siffener sewn into the heading, which is pleated at the base to create a goblet-shaped design. Goblets are placed at intervals and are consistent within a pair of curtains.

Designed for both curtain tracks and poles. This style is possibly the most formal and traditional heading style.

French Pleat

Fabric is gathered into three little folds then pinched together to create one pleat. The pinched pleats are spaced evenly apart, and weighted at the bottom of the seams.

This style is both classic and elegant, suitable for both curtain tracks and poles.

Euro Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains

Fabric is gathered into three small folds and then pinched together to create a tailored look. Each pinch pleat is spaced evenly apart and weighted at the bottom.

Curtain is suitable for both curtain tracks and poles with a luxurious functionale look.

Tie Top

Tie-Top curtains provide a casual apprearance without the hassel of additional hardware. The long ties can be knotted and tied a variety of different ways. The tie-tops are made from the same fabric as the curtains and are sewn to the top of the curtain at regular intervals.

This style is for a relaxed, laid back setting and suitable for curtain poles only.

Delux Tab Top

This incredibly stylish and sophisticated delux ruched tabs give your curtains a unique designer appearance. Easy to install headers will allow the tab top to simply run through the curtain rod at the top.

Whether your home is a modern masterpiece or a traditional treasure, we can find drapes for it. From the startling paisleys of the 19th century to the cool understated colors of the 21st, Beyond Shades can fulfill your need.

Winder Header Options


Beyond Shades would be thrilled to help you with our drapery and curtain vision from:


  • Customized decorative headers? We can design that.
  • Simple linen or other fabric panels? We can do that.
  • Opulent raw silk with beaded trim? We’ve got you covered.
  • Daughter’s dream room? Son’s nautical adventure space? Okay.
  • Need historically correct curtains or drapery for your home or commercial space? Yes, we handle that as well.



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